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ICLEF Natalie Choate Webcast

natalie choate

On September 13, our firm will be hosting an ICLEF national speaker seminar right here in our office! The seminar will be shown live via webcast at Troyer & Good law firm. It will be featuring Natalie Choate, Boston attorney and expert on estate planning and retirement benefits. The topic for this seminar is “Estate & Distribution Planning for Retirement Benefits.” This intensive course is designed for professionals who are experienced in general estate planning. It is also designed to add to your expertise with in-depth knowledge of how to integrate retirement benefits into clients’ estate plans.

According to the ICLEF website, this popular seminar has never been more timely, as unlimited Roth conversions and the “portable” federal estate tax exemption offer new planning opportunities (and pitfalls) for your clients.  The following topics will be discussed:

  • Understanding the minimum distribution rules of Code section 401(a)(9)

  • Making retirement benefits payable to trusts

  • How to integrate benefits in the typical estate plan

  • Representing Survivors: “The Pre-Owned Retirement Plan”

  • Roth retirement plans

  • “Charitable Planning with Retirement Benefits”

  • Unconventional IRA investments; prohibited transactions

  • Lump sum distributions, Pre-age 59½ distributions

This course will introduce you to everything you need to know regarding your estate planning clients’ IRAs and other retirement plans. You will learn about the following:

  • The minimum required distribution (MRD) rules: key to maximizing the value of your clients’ benefits. How to comply with the “MRD rules,” avoid penalties, and qualify for “stretch IRA” treatment, including lifetime and post-death MRDs, separate accounts.

  • Practical ways to fit retirement benefits into the typical estate plan; the six possible choices of beneficiary (three tax-favored, three not); planning for possible law changes.

  • The two types of trusts that automatically qualify for “see-through” treatment under the MRD rules, and when qualification matters. When and how to name a marital, credit shelter or other trust as beneficiary.

  • Case studies: trust for minors, special needs, second marriage.

  • Plus special situations, where your key knowledge can save big dollars for certain clients: pitfalls of IRA real estate and small-business investing; 10% penalty for pre-age 59½ distributions; how to advise the IRA beneficiary; disclaimers and other post-death cleanup strategies; spousal rollovers; and fixing IRA mistakes.

This course will count for 6 CLE (or 7.2 CPE) credit hours. Details for attending the event:

Date: September 13, 2017


8:00 A.M.       Registration 8:30 A.M.       Program Begins 11:40 A.M      Lunch (ICLEF providing) 12:20 P.M.      Program Resumes 3:30 P.M.        Adjournment

The agenda includes a 10 minute break in the morning and afternoon


Troyer & Good, PC 6303 Constitution Drive Fort Wayne, IN 46804

Seating: Seating is limited to 10 attendees.

Pricing: Tuition – $395 ; Pass+ Holder – $0

Registration: Register here.

If you have any questions or would like to register for the event, please visit here or contact ICLEF.


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