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Older Americans Month 2018: Reinvent Yourself

Updated: Dec 17, 2018

oam 2018 reinvent

Today, older Americans are living longer and enjoying healthier lives. What are older Americans doing after retiring? Many are trying new careers, helping others, exploring new interests, or pursuing dreams. Reinventing yourself can be rewarding and good for your mental and physical well-being.

By 2029, more than 20% of Americans will be of retirement age.

There can be many benefits to reinventing yourself after retirement. It can help keep your mind active and maintain your physical health. Pursuing new goals and activities can give you structure and routine, connect you with your community, and promote social activities rather than isolation. In some cases, seniors can gain an additional source of income.

Careers after retirement can be personally and financially rewarding. First, determine what skills you have to offer. You can seek out classes and training to gain even more skills. Update your resume and start looking at job posts. Another option is to pursue your passions and hobbies. Express yourself through the arts – painting, dancing, or music. Take an art class or pursue a creative project. Studies show that the arts can improve your brain health. If you’re not artsy, learn a new language or take a computer class. Travel and discover other cultures. Pursuing new interests can keep you happy, healthy, and connected.

You can even consider using your years of experience to help others. You could mentor at-risk youths, provide job training, or help families recover from disasters. Connect with a local senior center, community college, or library to find various programs in your community.


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