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Guardianship Registry Forms

Updated: Feb 12, 2019

indiana guardianship registry form

The State of Indiana has a new requirement for guardianship proceedings: Guardianship Registry Forms. When a person files a petition for a guardianship, he/she must also file this Guardianship Registry Form with the Court.  The purpose of the form is to aid law enforcement and health care facilities when they are assisting an individual under guardianship.

These forms request a variety of information pertaining to the petitioner, the guardian, and the person who is in need of a guardianship (“protected person”). The first section asks for more information about the potential guardian. It asks for things like: first and last name, date of birth, race, gender, address, phone number, email, attorney name, and relationship to protected person.

The next section requests information about the protected person: first and last name, gender, race, eye color, hair color, height, weight, scars, marks, tattoos, address, phone number, email, attorney name, guardian ad litem name, and language.

The third section requests information about the guardian. Often times, the guardian and the petitioner are the same person so the information requested is the same for both. There is an option to check if the guardian and petitioner are the same. The Guardianship Registry Form requests additional information about where the individual lives and close relatives of the protected person.


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